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ArcGIS Server Viewer for Petroleum

Example Team-GIS Discovery mapDiscovery is an add-on to Esri’s ArcGIS for Server that enables you to deploy powerful petroleum-focussed web-mapping applications without expensive bespoke development.

Discovery was designed to meet the specific needs of web-based GIS within the oil and gas industry and combines a Silverlight-based web-mapping application containing advanced data discovery tools with administrative management tools.


Discovery allows you to easily deploy ArcGIS for Server web-mapping applications that enable you to:

  • Search for and find data of interest.
  • Add data on-the-fly to your session.
  • Add graphics and text annotations.
  • Print high quality scaled hardcopy.
  • Save your session for later re-use.


Example Discovery Web MapDiscovery’s management tools not only help you configure your web-mapping applications but they also allow you to:

  • Track user activity to see what your web-maps are used for.
  • Investigate warnings or errors reported in your map services.


Discovery is compatible with ArcGIS Online.



The benefits of using Discovery are as follows:

  • Increase efficiency by short-cutting ArcGIS for Server deployment projects through avoiding time-consuming development projects.
  • Save costs by by deploying powerful web-mapping applications without expensive in-house development.
  • Make better decisions and improve communications between teams by presenting map data in easy-to-use web-mapping applications.


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