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Exploration Analyst

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Petroleum Play Assessment and Play Based Exploration

Exploration Analyst simplifies your play fairway analysis and play assessments with powerful and easy-to-use play based exploration (PBE) tools. Quickly create exploration products such as creaming curves, pool size distributions, field size distributions, field density plots, common risk segment maps, post-well results analysis, and Monte-Carlo based Yet-to-Find statistics in order to assess potential petroleum systems, basins and plays.

Petroleum Play AssessmentGet results fast, and easily combine your in-house, vendor and public domain data together in order to get a better answer than your competition. 

Exploration Analyst was designed specifically for geoscientists in oil and gas exploration or new ventures departments, and is delivered as an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS platform.


Exploration Analyst allows you to streamline your exploration play assessment process using play based exploration workflows:

  • Assess exploration risk and uncertainty.
  • Create gross depositional environment (GDE) maps.
  • Play Based Exploration (PBE)Create play chance or "common risk segment" maps.
  • Validate play chance maps against post-well results.
  • Analyse basin activity over time.
  • Analyse basin and play volume statistics.
  • Create field / pool size distributions and associated resource statistics (e.g. P10, P50, P90).
  • Create creaming curves.
  • Create field size density plots.
  • Estimate yet-to-find (YTF) or undiscovered reserves using Monte-Carlo analysis.
  • Calculate prospect volumetrics.
  • Perform acreage analysis using powerful multi-criteria block, lease and basin analysis tools.
  • Perform company analyses and develop portfolio investment strategy.



Block and Lease RankingThe benefits of using Exploration Analyst are as follows:

  • Make better decisions by focusing your exploration at the play level, rather than the prospect level.
  • Make better decisions by validating prospect probabilities against the spatial distribution of play chance.
  • Make better decisions by validating prospect volumes against play history and maturity.
  • Increase efficiency during bid rounds by using multi-criteria analyses that enable you to quickly focus on the best acreage. 


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