Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Understand where assets are located and track status in real-time. Be prepared with plans for containment, evacuation and mitigation

Predict environmental impact with engaging visualisations. Monitor safety and security with real-time tracking of vehicles, vessels and assets. Coordinate emergency response with clear digital maps and dashboards.

Exprodat ArcGIS Common Operating Picture

ArcGIS Common Operating Picture

Incident planning and response made easy.

Exprodat GIS Development

GIS Development

The ArcGIS Platform, your way.

GIS Training

GIS Training

Level-up your GIS skills with industry-focussed courses.

Exprodat Location Analytics

Location Analytics

Business intelligence and spatial analysis for enhanced decision making.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Simplify the planning, deployment and management of GIS systems and data management in the Cloud or On-premise.

System Integration

System Integration

A service to spatially enable your enterprise systems.

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