Data Assistant

Easily transfer data between geoscience systems and ArcGIS

Eliminate human error from your energy resource ArcGIS data integration workflows.

Easily import your well headers, deviation surveys, well logs, seismic navigation, seismic traces, interpretation, grids, faults, Petrel color ramps and earthquake data into ArcGIS.

Once in your ArcGIS project, improve your map displays by easily applying specialist symbology and labelling to seismic lines, shot points and earthquake focal mechanism ‘beach balls’.

See Data Assistant in action in our series of short demo videos.

Data Assistant is easy-to-use enabling you to quickly import
data from common E&P data formats into ArcGIS, and vice versa.

  • Supports many formats, including Petrel, KINGDOM, Geographix, CPS3, IESX, SEG-Y, SPS, UKOOA, OGP, Landmark, ZMap and OpenWorks.
  • Data is imported to shapefile and file geodatabase formats.
  • Apply industry standard symbology & labels to seismic lines, shot points, earthquake focal mechanism beach balls.
  • Export GIS layers as native well, seismic, culture, grid, contour and fault data for import to your sub-surface interpretation system.

Increase your project and spatial data management efficiency with hassle-free data transfer.

Increase efficiency by moving your E&P data to ArcGIS without using complex workflows or bespoke development.

Save money by employing a reliable low-cost easy-to-use alternative to expensive service oriented architecture (SOA) data integration tools.

Improve data management and automate complex processes by leveraging Toolbox, ModelBuilder and Python.

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