ArcGIS Pro Essentials for Petroleum

Introductory course for basic or new users

Learn to use the “next-generation” ArcGIS Pro application in E&P workflows using petroleum data.

This two-day entry level course teaches you how to use Esri’s ArcGIS Pro for oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) activities whilst working with petroleum industry spatial data and workflows.

Whether you’re an existing ArcMap user or completely new to ArcGIS, this course allows you to explore the benefits in applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to your petroleum workflows whilst learning the functionality of ArcGIS Pro. Whilst attempting to teach yourself Pro can take weeks of struggling to find the right tools and workflows, investing two days in dedicated classroom training can give you a fast-track boost to becoming fully productive.

Besides using the basic functionality offered by ArcGIS Desktop that allows you to integrate spatial and non-spatial data and produce information for decision-making, ArcGIS Pro also allows you to store as many maps and layouts as you need in the same project, view 2D and 3D data simultaneously and create tasks to automate workflows. You can also package your projects to collaborate with others or share your work as web maps and web layers. ArcGIS Pro can use local data, as well as content from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Portal. In addition, ArcGIS Pro is a 64-bit multithreaded application, delivering the kind of high performance that G&G staff in the petroleum sector have come to expect.

Targeted training taught by instructors experienced in your industry.

  • Instructor-led classroom courses delivered in person, or online in real-time.
  • Live presentations and demonstrations.
  • Uses industry standard ArcGIS Desktop software (ArcGIS Pro).
  • Hands-on exercises to learn by doing, with step-by-step instructions for using ArcGIS in common Energy workflows.
  • Learning pathways to effectively manage geospatial data and use ArcGIS within geoscience workflows.
  • In-house and public courses available.
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No geospatial knowledge is assumed beyond that acquired through the use of geological maps. It is not essential to have petroleum E&P sector knowledge however; this course is geared towards assisting participants to implement E&P workflows geospatially.

Intended Audience

Geoscience professionals and support staff who are going to be using GIS tools and E&P project staff who need a basic understanding of GIS in order to manage geospatial projects using ArcGIS Pro.

  • Focuses on how to manage E&P workflows using GIS and identifies the advantages – this is not a generic ArcGIS Pro migration course
  • Two-day intensive course
  • Instructor-led hands-on learning by ‘doing’
  • Trainer demonstrations and course validation questions
  • Provides the basis for learning more advanced techniques

Learning Outcomes

  1. Become familiar with the ribbon interface, views and navigation tools available in ArcGIS Pro
  2. Describe and compare the file extensions used in ArcGIS Pro for creating projects, maps, layouts and layers
  3. Convert co-ordinates stored in a table to points on a map
  4. Create side-by-side 2D Maps and 3D Scenes to display depth, wellbore and field data
  5. Use the fields designer tools to manage fields, domains and subtypes
  6. Explore the editing tools in ArcGIS Pro by creating and amending fault lines and play fairway polygons
  7. Customise the ribbon interface by adding a geoprocessing tool
  8. Create a task from a workflow and modify an existing task using the Task pane and Task Designer
  9. Export data to produce layer, map and project packages for storing and sharing data
  10. Create and share content using ArcGIS Online

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