Location Analytics

Business intelligence and spatial analysis for enhanced decision making

Transform decision making by deploying market-leading location intelligence systems.

Put your data on the map with our expert support, helping you implement ArcGIS, Esri’s market leading Geographic Information System (GIS) platform.

Deploy location-based data visualisations, analyses and dashboards for industry-specific use cases in Energy, Petroleum, Pipeline, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Geothermal and HSE.

Invest in your future with continuous professional development based on the latest geospatial technology.

Benefit from our industry-specific domain expertise to build GIS workflows that deliver real business intelligence.

Integrate and visualise key information​:

  • Define business rules​.
  • Collate and create key data layers​ into GIS projects.
  • Create GIS tools​.

Spatially analyse assets, patterns, trends and opportunities​:

  • Enrich information with demographics / business data.​
  • Analyse key locations, relationships, networks, journeys, markets, etc.​
  • Perform complex multi-criteria site suitability modelling and ranking​.

Share results with decision makers​:

  • Create interactive map-enabled dashboards and apps.​
  • Use scenario planning tools for assessing sensitivities​.
  • Deploy Dashboards, Apps, Story Maps, Presentations, Reports.
Exprodat Location Analytics WindTurbineWake
Exprodat Location Analytics Voxels

Move from data wrangling to knowledge sharing.

Complement your internal resources with our expert help to increase the likelihood of success, minimise risk, reduce the project timeline and ensure you stay up- to- date with rapidly changing technology.

We have the expertise to support the data, technology, workflows and people that spatially enable your organisation.

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