Managed GIS Services

Simplify the planning, deployment and management of GIS systems and data management in the Cloud or On-premise

Successfully deploy ArcGIS across the enterprise.

Scale your business and reduce costs with end-to-end services across the ArcGIS platform, from strategy through to design, migration, implementation, maintenance, support and training.

Meet your business goals with our managed service, enabling you to you to:

  • Reduce overhead in maintaining in-house GIS personnel or systems.
  • Focus on using and analysing spatial information, not managing data.
  • Deploy scalable solutions that suit your business needs.
  • Work with specialists in GIS deployment, data management, training and support.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience driving change in large organisations.

Deploy managed services to enable domain-specific workflows in Energy and Natural Resources.

Key features:

  • ArcGIS system implementation.
    • Lightweight first-time implementation, e.g. ArcGIS Online.
    • Implementation of ArcGIS in on premise or in cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, other).
    • Best practice implementation of ArcGIS Pro, Enterprise (Portal, Server, Image, GeoEvent and other extensions), mobile apps (Survey123, Field Maps).
  • ArcGIS system maintenance.
    • Ongoing support and management of solution.
    • Access to a mix of resources with a wide range of skills.
    • Conversion, processing, automation of data management for live, business and legacy data.
    • Support to end users and internal GIS teams.
  • System migration.
    • Migration of desktop software to cloud (from ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro).
    • Migration of data to cloud (e.g. flat file or EGDB).
    • Migration of Enterprise GIS to cloud (internal portal to cloud-based; cloud-to-cloud); Enterprise GIS to AGOL.
Exprodat Managed GIS Services COP
Exprodat Managed GIS Services NWE

A scalable and adaptable GIS deployment tailored to your industry sector.

  • Adopt a phased approach to deployment that suits your needs.
  • Take advantage of scalable solutions that adapt to changing business requirements.
  • We understand energy industry data, workflows, tools and processes, which help us design our cloud offering to correctly meet data, workflow and analysis requirements.

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