ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing

Rapidly deploy Esri’s new linear-referencing technology

Use Esri’s new core ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) capabilities to efficiently manage large volumes of pipeline data and track the status & health of your pipeline assets.

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing - Easier Pipeline Management

Easier Pipeline Management

Simplify your pipeline management workflows and keep your systems aligned with pipeline network changes using rule-based management that allows you to define how event measures and route associations should react to network changes.

Simple Route Editing

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides you with the capabilities you need to create a digital representation of your real-world pipeline and then modify it as it is altered through time. Rule-based location management allows you to define how event measures and route associations should react to changes in the LRS, keeping your business data aligned with pipeline network changes.

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing - Easier Route Editing
ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing - Edit over the Web

Edit over the Web

Extend the reach of your workflows across your organization to include users without prior GIS software and application accessibility. Business data owners and groups throughout your organization will be able to create and edit event data from a mapcentric experience within an HTML5-enabled web browser.

Pipeline Management for the Whole Team

With ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing, you can locate events in multiple ways, making it quicker and easier for data owners to input new information using the one most appropriate to their task. In addition, linear events spanning connected routes are directly supported.

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