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Measure and manage data metrics 

IQM (Information Quality Metrics) is an application for providing data metrics computation, storage, reporting and analysis. The business case for data metrics is simple: it is difficult to manage what we cannot measure. If data owners/custodians lack feedback on the severity and magnitude of quality issues – and if users are unaware of the actual quality of the data they are using – then poor decisions can be made, with costly consequences. 

A query engine is used to measure quality: at fixed intervals - typically daily - a suite of queries are fired at a range of database targets, counting errors and producing detailed error reports. Results are stored in a database over time and can be readily analyzed through Web-based tools

IQM Example

IQM provides an objective, consistent means of quantifying data quality across the organization. IQM addresses both the business requirement to produce a single rolled-up information key performance indicator per asset, and the technical requirement to provide detailed reporting and auto-notification of errors.

The common concepts, terminology and metrics relating to data management performance helps companies to understand the current status, develop effective strategies to improve data management, and prioritize remedial actions.

Overall, IQM aims to improve the visibility of data management, and its impact on the business process, throughout the E&P organization.

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