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ArcGIS Data Integration with E&P Software

Data Assistant makes it easy to transfer your data between Esri's ArcMap and common E&P software systems including Schlumberger Petrel, IHS KINGDOM, Landmark SeisWorks, Landmark OpenWorks, Geographix, CPS3, IESX, UKOOA P1/90 and OGP. 

Get results fast using the simple wizard interface, or batch up and automate processes using the toolbox and Python integration. 

Data Assistant was designed specifically for geotechnicians and geoscientists in oil and gas exploration or new ventures departments, and is delivered as an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS platform.

Data Assistant ResultsUses

Data Assistant allows you to easily transfer data between common E&P applications and ArcGIS helping you leverage the integration, visualisation and spatial analysis capabilities of GIS in your workflows:

  • Allows you to import data to ArcGIS via common E&P data formats.
  • Allows you to export data from ArcGIS to common E&P data formats, for use in E&P sub-surface interpretation systems.
  • Supported formats include Schlumberger Petrel, IHS KINGDOM, Landmark SeisWorks, Landmark OpenWorks, Geographix, CPS3, IESX, UKOOA P1/90, OGP.


Supports Common E&P Formats

Data Assistant in ModelBuilderBenefits

The benefits of using Data Assistant are as follows:

  • Increase efficiency by moving your E&P data to ArcGIS without using complex workflows or bespoke development.
  • Save costs by employing a reliable low-cost easy-to-use alternative to expensive service oriented architecture (SOA) data integration tools.
  • Improve data management processes by leveraging ArcToolbox, ModelBuilder and Python.


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